Hitec announcement - Smart Charger H4 v1.04(1) Firmware Update

12th October 2015

Dear all,

We release Smart Charger H4 Firmware update version 1.04(1) and it can be updated by HPP-22 update program.

We sincerely ask you to announce it to your customers at your earliest convenience.

Please launch HPP-22 program and update Smart Charger H4 to the latest version.

If you do not have HPP-22 program yet, please download the latest version of HPP-22 Software from the link below.


Smart Charger H4 V1.04(1) Update

Add or change functions

  •     Added the safety function to prevent the overcharge by selecting the wrong battery type.
  •     Showing up the warning message if being connected the balance board when selecting NiXX and Pb battery type.
  •     Added the limited charging prevention function for LiXX battery if selecting NiXX battery type.

Maintain function

  •     Fixing the charging error of LiXX battery by the overcharge.

Thank you.


Best Regards,

Colin Lee

Hitec RCD Korea,Inc.

Overseassales Team