Pending Shipment Arrivals Updated 28-7-2020

Approx upcoming shipments ETA's

Late May 

Glow Max Fuel (Received)

Balsa & Plywood (Received)

Carbon Rod (Received)

Argus Engines & Accesories (Received)

Tornado NIMH (Received)

Tornado RC Pinions (Received)

Profilm (Received)

Week 1 June

WL Toys (Received)

Louise (Received)

Hobbywing (Received)

Roapex (Received)

River Hobby Cars (Received)

FTX Cars (Received)

GT Power (Received)

Flysky (Received)

Tornado RC Starter packs & Glow igniters (Received)

Tornado RC Cars RTR (Received)

SYMA  (Receeved)

NXE Lipo's  (Received)

SKYRC  (Received)

Virus Servos (Received)

Bob Smith (Received)

Week 2 June

Himark  (Received)

Week 3 June

Torando RC Cars 1/18 Range (Received) 

UDIRC (Received)

SYMA (Received)

Rovan 1/5 scale (Received)

Team Associated  (Received)

Torando RC Leads & connectors  (Received)

Reedy  (Received)

ZAP  (Received)

APC  (Received)

Late June Arrivals

Dumas  (Received)

Evergreen  (Received)

Robart  (Received)

Dubro  (Received)

Tornado RC leads  (Received)

K&S Metals (Received)

Tornado RC Nimh Batteries (Received)

NXE (Received)

NVision (Received)

Peak Racing (Recieved)

Team Orion Batteries (Received)

JConcepts (Recieved)

Excel Tools (Received)

FMS (Received)

ROC Hobby (Received)

River Hobby (Delayed till early July)

FTX (Delayed till early July)

Force Engines (Received)

Milliput  (Received)

GV Spare parts  (Received) 

Savox (Received)

Week 1 July

Team Magic (Delayed till early July)

River Hobby (Received)

FTX (Received)

RC4WD (Received)

Hobbywing (Received)

Flysky (Received)

Syma (Receieved)

Rovan (Received)

Week 2 July

Team Corally (Received)

Team Magic (Received)

On order ETA TBA


Virus Servo


K&S Metals

Black Horse

Team Orion/NVision/Peak Racing 

August  Arrival

Hobao Late August (Received)

Skyrc Mid August (Received)

GT Power Mid August (Received)

Louise Mid August (Received)

Roapex Mid August (Received)

Tornado RC Cars Mid August (Received)

Tornado RC leads & connectors (Received)


Syma Mid August (Received)

NXE Lipos Mid August (Received)

Tornado Nimh Early August (Received)

River Hobby Mid August (Received)

FTX Mid August (Received)

Zap Late August

Bob Smith (Received)

Team Associated Late August 

Excel Tools  Late August 

Hobbywing Mid August (Received)

FMS Late August

ROC Hobby Late August

Master Airscrew Late August (Received)

TRC Starter packs Late August

Profilm Late August (Received)

WL Toys Late August



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