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This is the engine that heli pilots have been waiting for!

Ideal for 90-sized machines to nail huge maneuvers and hardcore, smackdown-style 3D.

It's all about power the 105HZ-R has it in abundance.

The huge venturi rams air into the carburetor, producing massive power.

Plus, they fit in a .90-sized mounting pattern.

  • Featuring the displacement of a 1.05 in the mounting space of a .90.
  • More displacement means more power, and these engines boost displacement by 15% over a .90 six engine!
  • A huge venturi boosts output even further.
  • The machined, blue anodized heatsink head is light in weight, and cools the engine efficiently.
  • An extra feature on the 105HZ-R is the pressurized DRS (Demand Regulator System), which ensures consistent fuel flow regardless of the heli's attitude.


Displacement: 1.048 cu in (17.17 cc)
Bore: 1.442 in (29 mm)
Stroke: 1.024 in (26 mm)
Practical RPM: 2.000-16,500
Output: 3.75 hp @ 15,000 rpm
105HZ Weight: 21.03 oz (596 g)
105HZ-R Weight: 21.46 oz (608 g)

Ares Crusader II RTF Trainer, Mode 1

The new Ares Crusader II trainer aircraft with there eye-catching semi-scale color scheme are ideal for taking the complete beginner from tentative first hops to basic aerobatics and beyond.

There are three versions, PTF (Pair To Fly), RTF Mode 1 and RTF Mode 2.

All three versions come fitted with receivers containing Hitec Red protocol.

The RTF versions both come with 2.4GHz radios containing Hitec Red protocol.

The well appointed and resilient EPO airframe includes a Clark-Y high-lift wing, fully symmetrical stabilizer section, stable trike undercarriage with high ground clearance and roomy fuselage.

The Crusader II puts 'function and form' on an equal footing with a powerful 750kV brushless out-runner and 40A ESC, 3S 2200mAh Li-Po and 12 x 8” propeller.

Beginners will immediately appreciate the Crusader’s docile and forgiving flight envelope, while those with more experience will delight in its versatility and outstanding performance.

The Ares Crusader II is, quite simply, the perfect one-stop solution to grass-roots training and progression to basic aerobatics.



Wingspan: 1280mm (54”)
Wing chord: 218mm (8.6”)
Wing area: 464sq. in.
Wing loading: 13oz / sq. ft
Length: 942mm (37”)
Weight: 1152g (40.6oz)
Battery: 3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo
Motor: 750kV brushless
ESC: 40A brushless

What's in the Box - RTF Version

Crusader II airframe
3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo
12V DC 3S LiPo balance charger
Mains adapter
Pre-installed 750kV brushless motor
Pre-installed 40A brushless ESC
4 X Pre-installed 9g servos
Pre-installed Hitec Red-enabled KA-6 6-channel receiver
Hitec Red-enabled 2.4GHz IKONNIK KA-6 6-channel transmitter

What's in the Box - PTF Version

Crusader II airframe
3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo
12V DC 3S LiPo balance charger
Mains adapter.
Pre-installed 750kV brushless motor.
Pre-installed 40A brushless ESC.
Pre-installed 9g servos.
Pre-installed Hitec Red-enabled KA-6 6-channel receiver.



Regarded by many as the most formidable of all WWII American fighters, the F4U Corsair was a versatile, carrier-capable aircraft that provided excellent air and ground support. The Phoenix Corsair F4U 60cc ARF is built with the scale RC pilot in mind who wants a giant-scale model that’s as versatile as it is realistic. One of the greatest convenience features is the two-pieces fuselage, which features plug-in outer panels- Making assembly and transport super convenient. The airfoiled horizontal tail sections are removable as well. It’s also come with a full set rotary 90 degree air retract. Corsair is a registered trademark of Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation and is used under license to Phoenix Model .


- Wingspan: 2170mm (85.4in)
- Length: 1658mm (65.2 in)
- Flying weight: 10-13 kg
- Wing area: 89 dm2
- Wing loading: 145g/dm2
- Wing type: NACA airfoils
- Covering type: Genuine ORACOVER®
- Retract gear type: Rotary 90 degree Air-retract With CNC Suspension Metal Struts (included)
- Spinner size: scale type (not included)
- Radio: 6 channel minimum (not included)
- Servo: 9 standard hi-torque servo: 2 aileron; 2 flap; 2 elevator; 1 rudder;1 retract valve; 1 throttle (not included)
- Recommended receiver battery: 6.0V 2400/2600mAh NiMH (2) (not included)
- Servo mount: 21mm x 42 mm
- Propeller: suit with your engine
- Engine: 50- 60 CC gas engine (two stroke) (not included)
- Motor: brushless outrunner 2600-3000 W, 190 KV (not included)
- Gravity CG: 115 mm (4.5 in) Back from the leading edge of the wing, at the fuselage
- Control throw Ailerons: Low: 12mm up/down, 10% expo; High: 15mm up/down, 10% expo
- Control throw Elevators: Low: 12mm up/down, 12% expo; High: 15mm up/down, 12% expo
- Control throw Rudder: Low: 30mm right/left, 15% expo; High: 45mm right/left, 15% expo
- Control throw Flaps: Mid: 25mm down; Landing: 35mm down
- Experience level: Intermediate
- Plane type: Scale Military


- Motor: Hacker A60 (not included)
- Propeller: 22x10 E; 22x12 E APC (not included)
- LiPo cell: 12 cells / 5500 – 6000mAh (not included)
- Esc: 160A / HV (not included)


- Official licensed product
- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline
- Functional three-panel flaps deploy using internal linkages
- Two-pieces fuselage - Making assembly and transport super convenient
- Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight
- Covered in genuine ORACOVER®
- Separate fuselage and wing structure allows compact transportation
- Extremely lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction
- Rotary 90 degree Air-retract With CNC Suspension Metal Struts included
- Full-depth cockpit and instrument panel and pilot included
- Aluminium hub wheel included
- Removable canopy for easy change LiPo battery and set up radio
- High-quality hardware package included

Super 'Phatic


The thin, non-fuming cyano alternative.

  • Low odour, water clean up.
  • Penetrates much further than other glues.
  • Provides better joints on balsa, ply, GRP, plastic hinges, foam and carbon fibre.

Some of the many uses:

  • Pin & glue balsa & hardwood.
  • Bonds plastic hinges.
  • Bonds carbon fibre & foam.

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