The Ares Z-line X:Bolt is a feature-packed 250 class FPV racing quad that is sure to give you an edge against the competition.

A lightweight carbon fiber frame, folding 4mm thick carbon fiber arms and aluminum standoffs help make the X:Bolt both durable and compact.

The Included power system for the X:Bolt is designed to be versatile, powerful and efficient utilizing high-performance 2206 2250kv brushless motors paired with 18A speed controls that run the latest BL heli firmware

And, if you want to go beyond the stock set-up which recommends a 3S LiPo battery, the power system was designed so you can extend to flying a 4S LiPo battery and up to 6" props (available separately).

The power distribution board Included with the X:Bolt was designed to accommodate a wide range In voltage needs, and with both 5V and 12V power out, you're able to use just about any FPV accessory — plus It even has a built-in 3A BEC.

The heart of any quad is the flight controller, and the X:Bolt doesn't disappoint there. It comes with a Naze32 bit controller with pre-loaded, customizable Cleanflight software that operates popular accessories like RGB LEDs that fit directly on the mount that's included with the X:Bolt frame.

The FPV system consists of a 600tvl camera with a 100° field-of-view and a 200mW 32-channel video transmitter. The lightweight camera is attached to the frame with a 17° camera mount and provides a crystal clear picture of what's ahead — even In high-speed racing. The included video transmitter provides plenty of range, and with 32 channels available, you'll have plenty of options whether racing or just flying with friends.

An aftermarket tilt camera mount option (AZSZ2937) is also available so the pilot can adjust the camera angle or take advantage of the self-leveling camera feature on the flight controller.

So, whether you're a first-time racer or are already used to crossing the finish line first, the Ares Z-line X:Bolt is the performance racing quad for you.


  • Frame: Carbon fiber
  • Height: 53mm
  • Width: 228.6mm
  • Length: 203.2mm (corner to corner 260mm)
  • ESC: 4x 18Amp Camera 600TVL
  • Video: Tx 200mW (25mW in UK and Australia)
  • Motors: 4x 2206-2250kV
  • Flight Controller: Naze32 - 32 bit processor
  • Props: 5x4.5 props (stock), 6x4.5 props (optional)
  • Battery: 3-4S LiPo 1350-2200mAh (not included)

What's in the Box

  • X-Bolt 250 Racing Quad in kit form
  • 4x 18Amp ESCs
  • 4x 2206 2250 kV brushless motors
  • Naze32 - 32 bit processing flight controller
  • 600TVL camera
  • 200mw VTX

RADIENT LiPo Battery Voltage Tester and Alarm

A simple to use voltage tester and alarm. When the battery cell voltage falls below a pre-set value, the Tester and Alarm emits a loud (really loud!!!) buzzer sound and flashes a bright LED.


  • Suitable for use with 1S to 8S batteries
  • Use with LiPo, LiIon, LiMn or LiFe batteries
  • Voltage detection precision: 0.01V
  • Total voltage display range: 0.5-36V
  • Alarm set value range: OFF~2.7-3.8V


Connect your battery's balance plug to the Tester taking care to ensure the black lead is orientated to the "-" (negative) pin on the Tester.


The Tester will emit a series of beeps corresponding to the number of cells in the battery pack. The display will show ALL followed by the total voltage of the pack. The display will then cycle through and display the individual cell's voltage.


To use the low voltage alarm function, you must first set the low voltage value. The range of settings extends from 2.7V up to 3.8V per cell in 0.1V increments. As the voltage is measured under load, we recommend setting a voltage of 3.6V for LiPo batteries.

To configure the alarm, connect your battery's balance plug. Press the 'Set' button repeatedly and the low voltage alarm values toggle throught from OFF to 2.7 - 3.8V in 0.1 setps. Once happy with the set voltage, release the button to store this value. As soon as one cell falls below the set minimum voltage, the alarm wil sound.

The voltage Tester and Alarm can be mounted on your vehicle using a length of hook and loop material (not supplied). It's ideal for aircraft, cars and quads.



The Hammerhead is a 1/6th Scale, brushless powered off road racing dune buggy from HBX, with more power than your could possibly need.

The acceleration and speed are insane. Just what the doctor ordered. :-)

And check the price, amazing!


  • Two Wheel Drive
  • 2200Kv Brushless Motor
  • 160A Brushless ESC
  • Full Aluminium Oil Filled Shocks
  • 15kg Steering Servo
  • Fully Factory Assembled with Factory-Printed Body
  • Authentic Scale Cockpit
  • Adjustable Camber, Front and Rear
  • Adjustable Bump Steer, Shock Mounting Positions and Droop
  • Adjustable Differentials with the use of different diff oils
  • High-Grip, All-Terrain Tires mounted on Spoke Type Wheels
  • 2.4GHz Radio


  • Length: 685mm
  • Width: 428mm
  • Height: 260mm
  • Wheelbase: 476mm
  • Wheel Diameter: Front - 148mm, Rear - 153mm
  • Wheel Width: Front - 53mm, Rear - 70mm
  • Ground Clearance: 70mm
  • Gear Ratio: 1:12.

Recommended Batteries: Two 7.4V Hard Case 3300~5000mAh LiPo's (Not Included)

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