Ares Spidex 3D Ultra-Micro RTF Quad with Mode 1 Transmitter.

The Ares Spidex 3D Story

The Ares Spidex 3D is the perfect micro-size quad to help sport pilots transition to 3D flight. An advanced 6-axis flight stabilization system provides the control needed, and three different rates of 20%, 60%, and 100%, allow pilots more manoeuvrability with each step so you can expand the capability of your Spidex 3D as your flying skills grow.

When you’re ready to try inverted flight, just the click of a button takes you from normal to inverted flight. The advanced flight software makes flying the Spidex 3D inverted easy by automatically adjusting the controls so you can fly with the same stick movements inverted as you would in normal flight. And switching from 180-degree flips to 360-degree flips is as simple as another click of a button.

The Spidex 3D comes in your choice of two brightly coloured trim schemes with matching LEDs that help provide easy orientation in flight. Plus, the LEDs shine through the canopy than allows you to enjoy 3D flying fun even in the dark!

The Spidex 3D is RTF (Ready-To-Fly), so it arrives 100% factory-assembled with nearly everything needed to fly included in the box. You get a 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter, a 300mAh 1-cell 22C LiPo battery, and a USB charger for convenient charging. All you need to add are AA batteries to power the transmitter, and you can be hovering on the ceiling just minutes after opening the box!


  • Diagonal length (Motor shaft - Motor shaft): 99.15mm
  • Diagonal length (Perimeter guard): 170.40mm
  • Height: 44.54mm
  • Weight: 31.84g RTF
  • Battery: 1S 3.7V 300mAh 22C
  • Charger: 1S USB 500mA
  • Transmitter: 4-channel 2.4GHz
  • On Board Electronics: 4-in-1 receiver, 4 ESCs, mixer, 6-axis control system

What's in the Box

  • 100% pre-assembled Spidex 3D airframe
  • 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter
  • 180mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Lipo battery
  • 1S 3.7V 500mA USB
  • Extra set of gimbal stick ends (2)
  • Extra set of blades (4)




Developed by Model Engines this crazy fast RTR 1/8th Scale Brushless 4WD Buggy will not disappoint.

Wtih a top speed in excess of 80kph using a 4 cell battery pack, this is the fastest Cage we have ever produced.

Powered by Castle, the Ultimate Cage come factory fitted with the awesome Castle Creations Sidewinder 8th ESC and Castle Creations 1515B 2200kv Brushless Motor.

The alloy chassis and High Impact alloy roll cage are anodised in bright orange.

Dual Battery holders allow for high capacity 2 cell LiPo to be safely housed either side of the chassis for perfect balance.

Double wishbone suspension, high performance shock absorbers and Cross Terrain Tyres.

2.4GHz Radio is also provided as standard.


  • Wheel base: 320mm
  • Length: 345mm
  • Ground clearance: 40mm
  • Weight without batteries: 3920g

Items Required:

  • 2 x 3300mAh~4000mAh 3s or 4s LiPo batteries in hard cases (Recommended) wired in parallel.
  • Charger to suit LiPo battery
  • 8 x AA dry cell batteries

Check out the Video on YouTube, you are going to want one, I know I do...



  • Radient Reaktor 3500kV waterproof brushless system with 13T 32P pinion gear
  • All-terrain square lug tires and stepped wheels
  • Cab forward truggy style with rear wing
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • Steel ring and pinion type four wheel drive drivetrain
  • Waterproof ESC and Servo
  • HRS-3.1 2.4 GHz 3-Channel radio system
  • Adjustable, oil filled, coil-over shock absorbers with bladders


The Helion Dominus 10TR is the next generation of 4x4 1/10th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features, performance, and value. This project came to life as a cooperative effort between some of the greatest minds in the RC industry working for Helion and you, our customers. The premise behind the project is to offer you something different, something revolutionary: value AND brushless performance! Helion R/C design engineers optimized the Dominus platform for the latest generation of bashers and R/C enthusiasts. The use of gear differentials and a robust shaft based, ball bearing supported, steel differential gear drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements, improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. With the inclusion of a crystal-less 2.4 GHz radio technology in the Dominus, R/C bashers and enthusiasts can now enjoy using their Dominus trucks alongside one another instead of worrying about changing or having to buy extra crystals. Now with a Radient Reaktor 3500kV waterproof brushless system and 1800mAh 7-Cell NiMH battery included, the Dominus is equipped to not disappoint with speeds topping 30mph!


Name of product: Dominus 10TR
Product Description: 1/10th Scale 4x4 Electric Truggy
Scale: 1/10th
Recommended usage environment: Off-road, dry conditions
Drivetrain: 4WD, 4x4
Motor or Engine: Radient Reaktor Sensorless 3500kV 2PSS Brushless Motor
SensorlessWidth (without body): 320mm (12.6in)
Height: 180mm (7.08in)
Wheelbase: 300mm (11.81in)
Weight: 2350g (5.18lb)
Chassis: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Suspension: Four wheel independent
Internal Gear Ratio: 8.58:1
Wheel Mounting: 12mm Hex
Wheel (Bead) Dimensions: 66mm (2.6in) x 44mm (1.73in)

Tire: F/R: 120mm (4.72in) x 60mm (2.36in)
Speed Control (ESC): Radient Reaktor brushless 35A-2s with reverse
Radio: 2.4Ghz 3-Channel w/ D/R, EPA, REV, FS
Servos: Full Size Separate, Futaba-style plug,
Battery: 1,800 mAh 8.4V 7 Cell NiMH with Tamiya-style plug
Charger : AC wall-type trickle for 7-cell NiMH
Speed: 30 mph
Gear Pitch: 32P
Shock type: Oil filled with bladders and adjustment clips
Body: Cab forward style truggy with rear wing
Ball bearings: Throughout drivetrain
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14yr
Experience Level: Beginner/Novice
Is Assembly Required: No
Assembly Time: N/A
Preparation Time: <1 Hour charging time

Radient Reaktor Sensorless 3500kV 2PSS Brushless Motor
The Dominus 10TR includes the Radient Reaktor 3500kV brushless motor and 35A waterproof ESC. The ESC allows you to use up to a 2s LiPo and includes thermal and current overload protection with low voltage cut-off to keep your system running in safe limits.

Dominus 10TR keeps the weight low

Keeping the weight low in the vehicle improves cornering speed, and stability. The Dominus was built to be bashed and stay on its wheels!

Dominus 10TR high performance steel

Rotating on ball bearings, the high performance steel used throughout the differentials make the Dominus’ drivetrain one of the strongest and most reliable in its class.

Dominus 10TR waterproof ESC and Servo

The Dominus utilizes a waterproof ESC and Servo so you can bash in most conditions and keep on truckin’. The receiver is stored in an updated water resistant box that retains easy access

Twister Dingo, hand launch, gliders have arrived in the Model Engines' warehouse and with a wingspan of 480mm, the free flight characteristics of the Twister Dingo are amazing.

The Australian designed colour boxing will jazz up any display counter and will make the Twister Dingo the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

A gift that will be appreciated by everyone who receives one, from the very young to the not so young...

Manufactured from durable EPP foam, the Twister Dingo can be easily assembled in seconds and is ideal for beginners.

Instructions are also included showing how to trim the Twister Dingo to achieve maximum flight times.

In the unlikely event of breakage, it can be easily repaired with standard cyano-acrylate glues.

Twister Dingo's are available in two colour schemes, Blue or Yellow.

Order your Twister Dingo's today!

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