Designed for Helis
Talon 90 is ideal for helicopters drawing 2,000 watts on 6S.
It’s a great fit for extreme 500 and 550 class helis and sport (6S) 600 setups. Of course, Talon offers Castle's industry-leading helicopter functions, such as the unbelievable direct entry governor mode.
Simply type in the desired RPM using a Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and the free Castle Link GUI running on a Windows PC!

Great for Fixed Wing
The Talon 90 is perfect for aerobats up to 10 pounds and scale ships up to 20 pounds.
The innovative case ensures cooling in even the toughest mounting locations.

Assembled in the USA and/or Mexico from parts sourced globally.

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.


Input voltage MIN: 3S LiPo
MAX: 6S LiPo
Max continuous amperage at full throttle 90 amps (rating determined with 5mph airflow across the ESC)
BEC voltage (voltage regulator for powering radio and servos) User selectable choice of 6 or 8 volt output
BEC output 20 amp peak*
9 amp continuous

Width: 1.7" (43mm)
Length: 3.14" (80mm)
Depth: 0.7" (18mm)

Mounting bracket adds 2mm depth and 8mm width

Weight 3.0 oz. (84.5g) with 150mm power wires and no battery connectors
Items needed for operation or installation
  • Battery connector (sold separately)
  • Female motor bullets are built into the ESC
  • Matching male bullets are included
Programmability Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for free Castle Link adapter included in package) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software.


3D Foamie

You are on the way to 3D pilot and need an uncompromising coach?

Then we have just the thing for you!

The Stunt Master - ideal for learning and practice of 3D aerobatics.

The ELAPOR model is extremely robust and highly manoeuvrable in web loops, torque rolls or knife edge spins.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor 3D flying.

Check out the YouTube video below, it will inspire you!


• Extremely Rigid by CFRP reinforcements

• Powerful brushless motor for vertical climbs

• Almost fully assembled out of the box

• Stylish decor finish applied

• The "Always with Wings"

Scope of delivery:

ELAPOR ® model 80% built, including drive motor Permax BL-O from 2206 to 1050, regulators MULTIcont BL-18 SD, propeller 9x5 ", 3 servos MS-12016, including decoration and extensive manual


SHARK - the FUN flyer!

As inventors of the world-famous EasyStar, Multiplex decided that their next aeroplane would be a modern, user-friendly design which would guarantee a one hundred percent FUN factor. They wanted to create a model which could grow as the owner’s skills developed, and would never become boring.

The outcome is something very special - the MULTIPLEX SHARK!

The SHARK looks terrific in its unusual colour scheme, and it flies fantastically well. In its standard form the model is controlled using rudder and elevator, but it is prepared for the aileron option. With the recommend Li-BATT FX 3/1-950 flight battery a minimum flying time of 10 min is possible!

It takes just a few moments to fit an undercarriage to the aeroplane, and with a further “click” it is transformed into a float-plane which provides loads of fun - on snow as well as water. We think every MULTIPLEX SHARK owner should have this optional accessory. And for the aesthetically demanding modeller we can supply a stylish protective landing skid.

When all the flying fun’s over, the SHARK can very easily be dismantled and packed back into the original carton. Highly practical!

• Benign flying qualities, ideal for the beginner; very robust construction

• Powerful brushless motor

• Clear canopy with racing-style pilot

• Wide range of optional upgrades (protective landing skid, undercarriage, floats, aileron upgrade, MULTIlight)

• Original carton doubles as transport box

Kit contents RR:

ELAPOR® model, 100% factory-assembled, including PERMAX BL-O 2816-1450 electric motor, MULTIcont BL-12 SD speed controller, 5.5 x 4.5" propeller, two MS-12015 servos, painted finish, decals already applied, comprehensive instructions.

Basic technical data:



* BORE2 × 39,5 mm

* WEIGHT 2300 g





Manufacturing technology ROTO 70 V2

  • Crank case (kit) – it is rough-worked of the cast at the CNC milling cutter. After that it is covered or slashed with a special colour.
  • Cylinder (roll) – it is made of one piece of dural with pressed insole from the mild-granular cast iron, it is sharpened and honed to the correct size.
  • Piston – it is casted from silicon alloy with one sealing circle. The aparature for the bung 8 mm is honed.
  • Piston rod – it is forging, which is completely worked. Two needle focuses are moulded into piston rod, it is made for the piston and cranked bung.
  • Crank shaft – it is made of one piece of steel, it is cemented and hardened and it is completely sharpened.
  • Back lid of the engine – it is worked casting, in which is hardened and sharpened rolled slide - valve layed.

Pieces of engine are after clearing by the scan pieced together in preparations at the special workplace.

Recommended Props - 24/10 - 26/10

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