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O.S.Speed 21 XZ-B Spec. II Gold Edition to celebrate the 80th anniversary of OS Engines.


  • Displacement: 3.49cc
  • Bore: 16.27mm
  • Stroke: 16.8mm
  • Output: 2.61hp @ 34,000 r.p.m.
  • Practical R.P M.:4,000-42,000 r.p.m.
  • Weight: 355g (Engine)

The Wingsland Minivet!

Record a point of Interest! Set your point of interest in the picture and the drone will circle freely around it by triggering the POI mode from the transmitter.

High Perfomance Integrated Camera! 4 megapixel for colourful still pictures and 1920 x 1080 30fps HD video recording for high quality videos!

High accuracy 10 channel remote control transmitter, well laid out to make it easy to operate. You can operate all the flight mode without taking your hands off the controller. Super anti-jamming, automatic frequency hopping function to increase flight safety. With one switch you can change from Mode 1 to Mode 2.

High-end professional flight battery uses an advanced modular design for easy installation. It also has a handy battery level indicator built in. The included balance charger protects each of the batteries cells to extend the life of the battery and ensure excellent battery working performance.

Return Home mode provides a safe and reliable flying experience, when the aircraft flies beyond the control distance or loses signal, it will return back to the take off point and land safely usually to with 1m of the take off point, provided there are no obsticals in the direct flight path on the way home.

FPV is built in and can be seen in real time on the 5inch display screen! In addition to the real time photo/video image and also get flight parameter data and flight time information. The screen also comes with a shade to reduce outdoor sunlight interfernce. Australian legal 25mW video transmitter provdes image transmission up to 150m with a time-delay below 100 miliseconds to ensure smooth graphics during your FPV flight mode. (However regulations require you to have line of site at all times).

Attention to aerodynamic design was a majorl consideration and the outer and inner mechanical structure effectively provides minimal wind resistance to ensure stable flight and long flight times. The orange body colour of the aircraft and the bright LED's make keeping control easy!

Powerful high-precision brushless motors are balanced tested for minimal vibration help with speed and safety and provide the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

Auto Stabilized 3-axis Gimbal uses brushless motors for gimbal stabilization and operate at high frequency to reduce vibration and provide an amazing solid image. Spherical symmetric camera and hidden wiring structure for the Gimbal help reduce air disturbance effectively during your flight. Camera parameters setting, photo/video model selected and shuttle controlled all through the controller.

High Strength Aircraft Body! Perfect lading gear design and high strength aircraft material can provide effectively the aircraft and Gimbal safety. The air duct radiating design maintain the facility inner workung tremperature normal and longe flight time guaranteed.

Safe Intelligent Flight Control System! Through more than 1000 hours of flight testing, Wingsland industry grade intelligent FC system, with its perfect stabilization, high and reliable flight performance CPU make its easy operation possible.


CL-58, 5.8GHz Clover Leaf Antenna set.

1 x RX - RP - with SMA Connector


1x TX - with SMA Connnector

Limited Quantities, Due September.

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OS are releasing a Limited Edition MAX-55AX-GP (Gold Plating) with a Gold Plated Head in commemoration of their 80th anniversary.

The following is the information.

Code number: 15613

Delivery: end of August - September

Features: 24K Gold Plating cylinder head

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